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LegacyLegacy (NEW)

Morning Prayer
Chickadee Morning
Sitting With The Bear
Lost Trail
High Eagle
Grandmother’s Song
Black Mesa
Ghost Riders
Distant Memories
Crossing Over
Evening Pryaer

Robert’s first release in ten years. Potential grammy nominee – moving – powerful – Beautifully performed.

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Voices-from-the-Spirit-WorlVoices from the Spirit World

Grandfather’s Wisdom: Wocekiya Tunkashila
Speaks with Thunder: Wakiyan Opeya Woyaka
Coyote Watchman: Masleka Waawanyanka
Voices from the Spirit World: Hotanka Tokiyatanhan Kin Wanagi Oyate
White Eagle: Wambli Ska
Buffalo Camp Song: Tantanka Wicoti Olowan
Awakenings: Unkiktape

I view music as the one universal language which connects us to our personal spirituality. Music helps us turn our attention inward and allows us to discover an archtypal common ground. It speaks in a language of images and symbols. This album’s music comes from tribal voices that provide living links to the past. It creates a multi-dimensional experience that speaks to the soul. Voices from the Spirit World transports the listener across time. this music provides a small glimpse into the heart of our aboriginal existence.
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Stone-SongStone Song

Between Two Worlds
Rides the Wind
Raven Woman
Painted Dreams
Spotted Elk Medicine
Wolves In The Mist
Currents of Time
Stone Song

I am haunted by memories of the Sundance Drum. Leaving one world and entering another – forever burned into the essence of my life. The Sundance Drum is a heartbeat – the sound of a living culter.

Visions of sacrifice – life present and past; have been etched and painted into stone, memories that have been recorded for our children and grandchildren. Spirit songs that have been recorded in pictures – forever – preserving the Sacred.

“Stone Song” is my tribute t these historians. My breath – a voice passed to you through a vision. Stone Song is a key to our past; and a doorway to a new beginning.

Leave your preconceptions behind…and walk a bridge between two worlds.
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Shamans-JourneyShaman’s Journey

Unconscious Mind
Distant Time
Shaman’s Journey
Deam Flight
Parallel World

It has been said that the natural and supernatural worlds are inseparable: we are in constant movement with them.

“Shaman’s Journey” is my experience in these worlds; a relationship with Distant Time, Dreaming, and the Unconscious Mind.

Journey with the music. Allow yourself to step back in time, through each song – through each experience. Listen to what you can discover: this may be a piece of your puzzle.
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